Some of my previous web projects, interface designs, and vector illustrations.

Cover art

Cover art: Brutal Resonance – Phase One

Web design



Illustration: Midnight Sun

Shard vector graphic illustration - toucan bird

Illustration: Shard Toucan

Code monkey vector graphic illustration

Illustration: Code Monkey

Lonely fox flat vector illustration

Illustration: The Fox

Web and graphic design - Juggernaut Music Group

Juggernaut Music Group

Femme Fatale illustration

Illustration: Femme Fatale

Qlikview mascots vector graphic illustration

Illustration: QlikView Mascots

Vector illustration - self portrait

Illustration: Self Portrait

Web and graphic design of

Brutal Resonance

Wearable technology hugmeter

Wearable Technology: The Hugmeter

Photo collage feromone fashion

Illustration: Pheromone Phasion

The Jackdaws - vector graphics black and white illustration

Illustration: The Jackdaws

UI design - CRM prototype

CRM Prototype

United Nerds in Collaboration of Random Nerdiness - website


Fashion collection - overview of prints

The Sweatheart Collection